Executive Coaching

As a manager or a director you hold power and responsibility. To motivate people in teams and gain the team’s commitment, a team leader must demonstrate a defined sense of both ethics and priorities – creating a clear sense of their ‘leadership stance and story’ within the organisation. Developing those priorities, that stance and style takes time and structure. Yet time is of the essence, and management training often fails to focus precisely or adequately on the key concerns a particular person faces.

“I have insights of myself which I never expected to  have after such a short time”

Executive coaching can enhance the performance of an individual by addressing the issues that inhibit their further success. Often the attributes and behaviour that have brought someone into a particular role are no longer appropriate. Coaching focuses directly on building new skills and tapping hidden talents and traits, equipping the individual with fresh approaches and skills.By following a series of regular, one-to-one meetings, issues, concerns and opportunities are investigated – for example, specific business problems or personal development issues – and objectives and goals are formulated, with actions supporting them. This plan may involve the use of psychometrics, 360 degree feedback or other data. When appropriate, I encourage and can provide other specialist consultants – for example, experts in image and presentation, or the deeper understanding of leadership behaviour.

My role with you, is to provide focused support and challenge, from an external perspective, which enables you to explore boundaries and patterns, bringing new skills, insights and attitudes to your leadership, your key relationships and the business results.