We each have a story or a theme which drives our work. This can be described as a mindset, values, a way of being which guides daily behaviour. This emerges over time and in situations where we are required to make statements and show intention. In my organisation change work the following now guide my approach:

  • we each need a sure personal compass, based on our own experience and views, rather than being always guided by other peoples viewsand opinions.
  • we each need high self worth, where we are able to validate ourselves when others cannot or will not. Leading change can sometimes be a lonely place.
  • we each need to be willing to go into the crucible, situations where significant change is required. There may be conflict and others will need leadership to go there and stay there.
  • we each need to drive for the results for ourselves, persevering when others want to give up and demanding high standards of people  and teams.
  •  we each need to accept we often hold a different perspective from the norm or the current situation and others may take time to understand this new position.
  • we each need high self awareness, as we are always communicating. We need to know our impact, whether this is positive or negative. Ignorance  of your impact is no longer acceptable.
  • we each need space for reflection and planning. With daily action, this is a powerful combination. However, focusing just on one is not enough.
  • we each need encouragement and challenge, both are important. When bothare available powerful change is possible and this grows leadership.