The impact of the projects I am involved in are many and varied. Client comments include:

  • The coaching  opened a curtain on myself which I cannot, and do not want to, put  back.  I have insights of myself which I never expected to have after such a short time”
  • “The team development session gave me a choice, I could be courageous and explore team issues or I could hope the team difficulties would simply go away”
  • “Grahame facilitated the leadership team event and created an environment where he both challenged and supported us, creating excitement and disturbance! We are now able to have open conversations about how we add value to our challenging business. We have built firmly on the foundations that were started through our dialogue with him”.
  • “I have known Grahame for over 10 years during which time he has supported me in three different businesses. He has been quick to pick up on the cultural issues and has adapted his style to fit the teams he has worked with, whist maintaining a high level of personal integrity. He has been particularly effective in delivering leadership and coaching programmes at Board level and then cascading this throughout the organisation which was instrumental in achieving business turnaround. In addition, his knowledge of Myers Briggs Type Indicator is extensive and this has benefited the Board team building sessions we have held. “
  •  “I decided to take a Coaching Walk with Grahame when I was making some key decisions regarding my future life and career. Although familiar with coaching I wondered if an outdoor setting would provide a different perspective on the situation – and it did! Although the approach Grahame used was no different to the one he’d use in a more traditional setting, he was able to draw upon the landscape around us to provoke questions and challenges that really helped to re-frame the issues for me. Additionally, the physical element of the walk, although not strenuous, gave a dynamic to our conversation that can be lacking in a more static environment.”